Listen to a Borealis festival mix, featuring a selection of work by artists involved in the 2017 edition in Bergen, Norway.

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Borealis festival mix


Listen to a mix by writer, broadcaster and artistic director, Peter Meanwell, ahead of his Borealis festival of new and experimental music and art – featuring a selection of work by international artists involved in the 2017 edition, 8–12 March.

Borealis festival for experimental music is a genre-crossing arts festival held each March in Bergen, Norway. Borealis is a place for adventurous listeners, celebrating music that doesn't fit neatly into any box.

They present new projects from Norway and around the world that push the boundaries of what music is, and how we listen to it.

In 2017, the festival will host 26 events in 15 different venues over 5 days, featuring over 50 artists.



Jonas Gruska – "Vitajte"

Chris Corsano – "Famously Short Arms"

Freya Birren (Jennifer Walshe) – "Libris Solar"

Øyvind Torvund – "Neon Forest Space"

Angharad Davies & Tisha Mukarji – "ffansi iii"

Yan Jun – "d for death mental"

Frk. Jacobsen – "Lobsters"

Oliver Coates – "The Irish Book of Death & Flying Ships"

Okkyung Lee – "Two Perfectly Shaped Stones"

Kvien & Sommer – "Weathering"

Moor Mother – "By the Light"

Abdu Ali – 
 "Iʼm Alive"

N.M.O. – "New Bulgaria"

DJ Marfox – "2685"


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