Find out how sound and music forms the core of so many of our essential experiences: watch B&O PLAY's Listening Matters – our new ongoing video series of sonic manifestos.

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B&O PLAY's Listening Matters


From primal listening to city noise. From the buzzing and beeps of ubiquitous tech to the wash of the wind through the trees. Ours is a world of sound, and the way we listen to it can make or break meaning, creative rethinking, and cultural change: B&O PLAY’s Listening Matters is an ongoing minidoc series of sonic manifestos featuring – and made in collaboration with – world leading practitioners across a multitude of disciplines, from acousticians to body builders, psychiatrists, composers, engineers, actors and more. Each participant brings with them an inextricably distinct and important relationship to sound. Each shares how sound is central to their lives and their work.

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B&O PLAY made Listening Matters series one in collaboration with the team at Mass Appeal, directed by Amilcar Gomes. Series two was made in collaboration with NTS Radio.


Contact: Martino Gamper

Nathaniel Budzinski
In the details, People


Nathaniel Budzinski
In the details, Food