Meet the composers behind the soundtracks to our Craft Matters video series



Craft Matters

Get behind the scenes on the making of the soundtracks for our new Craft Matters video series.


Ane Østergaard (Aluminium)

Henriette Groth (Wood)

Sandra Boss (Leather)

Niels Løkkegaard (Fabric)


When we started creating our B&O PLAY Craft Matters video series, we wanted to make them as unique and special as the products we make. So we decided to ask four different composers to create an original soundtrack for each one of the videos… but only using four hours to finish their track! 

The composers rose beautifully to the challenge, embracing the limitations and producing soundtracks that bring each material to life in sound. From synthesisers and plucked-string pizzicato to the interwoven sound layers of multiple vacuum cleaners playing in tune – the sonic results are compelling when a skilled craftsperson goes to work.

We hope the videos express our enthusiasm for and dedication to craft – built on Bang & Olufsen's 90 years of craftsmanship without compromise – as well as inspire others in their own passion for craft.

B&O PLAY's Craft Matters series consists of four short videos, each focusing on a single material - aluminium, wood, leather and fabric.


Craft Matters: Søren Solkær

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Nathaniel Budzinski
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