Travel with us to Biarritz and meet some of the collaborators who helped us on our A2 Active campaign.

A2 goes Active in Biarritz


We recently shipped out from PLAY HQ in brisk Denmark and travelled to the milder environs of Biarritz in the south of France (yes, lucky us) to shoot the campaign images for the launch of our new A2 Active. While there we met a whole cast of different characters who collaborated with us on our campaign. Read below to find out more about our new friends, and check back in the coming weeks as we add more mobile music memories.

Photos: Patrik Johall

Sirikit "Music has always be a part of my life. My grandparents loved opera and ballet, so I spent a lot of time with them, watching Gisele or listening to Mozart. Later, I started doing ballet and playing the piano and flute – each year, we’d have a dance show. The stress was always there, but from when I heard the first notes my nervousness disappeared.
If I’m on my surfboard, or bike or doing yoga, I need music to push my limits – I don’t really need an audience or cheerleaders. That's why I don’t like team sport. I prefer to stay in my bubble.
To relax, I love all the music from Wes Anderson films. They remind me of sweet moments I’ve had with friends and family. I also really appreciate Ben Howard, a sort of English Jack Johnson. He makes long instrumental music – I love that. And for the dance floor, Beyonce is always a good idea!"



Wataru "I remember once, after an amazing surf session at Bidart, just south of Biarritz, I saw this beautiful sunset from the beach. The light was out of this world. I was listening to Chet Baker. It was one of the most incredible moments of my life. 

Music plays such an important part in my life, whether listening to Sigur Rós to help me sleep on a plane trip to the next surf spot, or listening to "Moving To The Left" by Woods when I head out into the waves to surf – this song makes me high. "

Yves "Music is everywhere for me. The other day my son celebrated his graduation with his friends. I had so much fun, listening to some techno music, and on top of that I also DJ'd.

It's there in my day-to-day life as well. Like when I check my email I listen to all kinds of French or international music. 

And to chill out, especially when I'm with some friends, we listen to Serge Gainsbourg , Jacques Brel,  Pagny, Berger  ou  Sanson, Cœur de Pirate Vianney, Julien Doré , Louanne. This is just a bit of what I like to listen to, but I am pretty open when it comes to music!" 



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