Bang & Olufsen's podcast goes on stage in the Big Smoke. Featuring director Peter Strickland, sound designer Eloise Whitman, and Sound Matters' Tim Hinman.


Bang & Olufsen + Frieze Academy

Sound Matters Live in London


Celebrating the launch of the third series of the Sound Matters podcast, Bang & Olufsen teams up with leading magazine and art fair, Frieze, for a special live London edition of Sound Matters. Featuring influential director Peter Strickland (director of Berberian Sound Studio, Biophilia Live concert film with Björk, The Duke of Burgundy), Sound Matters producer Tim Hinman and sound designer Eloise Whitmore.

14 March 2018
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Swedenborg Society
20 Bloomsbury Way
WC1A 2TH London


Bang & Olufsen in association with Frieze magazine, present Peter Strickland in conversation with Tim Hinman and Eloise Whitmore.

Sound is a prominent and integrated aspect of British Director Peter Strickland’s feature films, in which he creates inventive soundscapes. From Berberian Sound StudioBiophilia Live (his concert film with Björk), to The Duke of Burgundy, his often dark, always original, œuvre explores how scenes can be bridged by sound.

Strickland will be in discussion with Tim Hinman, sound designer and writer and producer of podcast of Bang & Olufsen's Sound Matters podcast. Also sound designer and engineer, Eloise Whitmore, who has collaborated with Strickland on previous projects, will also join the discussion and explore the complex relationship between sound and moving images.



Tim Hinman is writer and producer of Bang & Olufsen's Sound Matters podcast. Tim has been working with sound for more than twenty years, taking a well-tried route through total failure in attempted rockstardom. At Danish National Radio he worked as a producer and editor of dozens of experimental audio productions. Since founding Third Ear podcast in 2009, Tim has exclusively produced his own and others work, winning a few awards along the way, including two at the 2017 British Podcast Awards for his work on Sound Matters.

Peter Strickland's first feature film, Katalin Varga, was funded and produced independently over a four-year period, followed by Berberian Sound Studio in 2012, which put all its emphasis on sound as the narrative, with Toby Jones as a nondescript foley artist working on an Italian horror film. The Duke of Burgundy, starring Sidse Babett Knudsen, followed in 2014, along with several radio plays including an adaptation of Nigel Kneale’s The Stone Tape. The same year also saw the concert film, Biophilia Live, made for Björk with Nick Fenton. Projects for 2018 include a Hungarian fairy tale starring Fatma Mohamed, which is Strickland’s contribution to the anthology film, A Field Guide to Evil, which will open at SXSW this March. His fourth feature film, In Fabric, is now in post-production. Marianne Jean-Baptiste stars in the Thames Valley-set film, which incorporates high-street fashion, desire and death. In between features, he has made several pop videos for Flying Saucer Attack, The KVB, Cavern of Anti-Matter and A Hawk and a Hacksaw (forthcoming).

Eloise Whitmore is a Sound Designer and MD at Naked Productions Ltd, a cross-platform production company delivering amazing audio experiences, ranging from award-winning radio programmes to technically complex interactive audio stories. Whitmore has been working in sound design for 19 years across radio, film and animation. Clients include the BBC, Björk, Channel 4, Manchester International Festival, and Wellcome Trust. In 2013, she was awarded Producer and Sound Designer of the Year by the Radio Academy. Whitmore worked on The Stone Tape with Peter Strickland in 2016; a Radio 4 Fright Night binaural drama.

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