WHERE'D THE RUCKUS GO?! Transcendental sound and vision through the glitch

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Code Cut Crew


Parties change the world. But the the work behind  a party is serious business: Code Cut Crew are the all-star vibrational cut-up digital break-down multisensory ruckus-making line up of Alchemist, DJ Qbert, Goldwatch and Mix Master Mike. Channeling the noisy transmissions from the outer spaces of our inner collective memory, CCC participated in our recent A Party Called Ron McNair event at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in LA with their visuals and sounds. Below they tell us about the vibes behind the work.

“The glitch, the fall off and the unpredictable noise creates its own sense of consciousness...”

You say you want to "raise the vibrational levels of emotions, intent and consciousness on planet Earth." Is it only culture that can do this? Music, art, parties etc? Can the internet alone raise vibrational levels?

CCC: The internet is the tool, not the message. Science tells us we landed on the moon, split the atom and created the internet, but can't explain laughter, love, or why we like our own farts.

Only culture can raise consciousness, that the internet can accelerate the dissemination of culture, but that nothing on the internet can exist in a vacuum.

“GOOGLE MONSANTO, support local everything, and use the internet, don’t let it use you.”

From vinyl through cassettes, CDs, VHS, DVDs, online streaming and back to vinyl again, format is an important vessel for culture – they  also always leave a fingerprint in the music or video: you guys play with those details, create new things out of them, but in our ever increasingly sharp and defined HD content world, can you still find that generative grain or glitch? Or is it all becoming too smooth and glossy?

This is the exact response to gloss. This is the new awareness and utilisation of the chaos and random fingerprint of the almighty mischief maker, the glitch, the fall off and the unpredictable noise creates its own sense of consciousness and self awareness inside each piece, never the same twice and made of the same randomness as sand dollars, red wood branches and rain drop patterns. The geometry is sacred but it's also fucking filthy, dusty and dank.

While bandwidth and the ability to accurately reproduce audio and video are always moving forward; there will always be ways to manipulate data and create generative content. The 'analog hole' also plays an important role in our work, and analog video synthesizers and effect modules can take the most pristine content and completely change its feeling! 

GOOGLE MONSANTO, support local everything, and use the internet, don't let it use you.


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