Listen to a mix by the artist and musician Benedict Drew, featuring sounds and music by Tod Dockstader, Eric Dolphy, Broadcast & The Focus Group, John Carpenter, Beatrice Dillon and others


Experiments In Everyday Life


Benedict Drew is a UK based artist and musician. He’s been active in the London and UK underground music scene for the past 15 years and has recently become widely known for a number of highly successful installations and video works, exhibiting at prestigious international art galleries and exhibitions such as Matt’s Gallery, Cell Project Space, The British Art Show and many others.

About this mix, Drew says: “I was thinking about design and how the traditions of modernism are all around us and how deeply they affect us – things like architecture, furniture, industry, design and media. It’s so easy to take that history for granted, as well as the world around us – but all of these spaces, sounds and images get inside of us, change us and our behaviour, our expectations and desires. I’m always fascinated by how powerfully music can do this, get inside of us and change the way we act. Like when you put headphones on and you start walking in a totally different way, almost dancing through the city, or having a personal, emotional moment on a horribly packed commuter train. Music can profoundly change how we perceive the speed of time passing – it’s basically this powerful machine that changes the way we feel, and so by extension, how we think about the world and what we do – or want to do – in it. I imagine people might want to listen to this mix on their headphones while wandering around an urban environment, experiencing a journey between say Peter Cusack’s field recordings of polluted and dangerous places, Eric Dolphy’s skewed grooves or Tod Dockstader’s spliced tape works – seeing how it changes their relationship with their environment, how it changes their perception of it – like an experiment in day-to-day life and how we decide to move about in it.”

Find out more about Drew’s work here.
Read an interview with him here.

Peter Cusack: 4 Oil Field Soundwalk
Grachan Moncur: Gnostic
Tod Dockstader: Traveling Music
Beatriz Ferreyra: Un Fil Invisible
Eric Dolphy: Straight Up And Down
Ras G: Asteroid Storm
Broadcast & The Focus Group: I See So I See So
Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy: Conclusione
Bernard Parmegiani: Capture Ephemere
John Carpenter: Over The Wall
King Midas Sound & Fennesz: Mysteries (version)
Beatrice Dillon: Longing
Ben Vida: tztztztzt part 1.2
Chris Watson: Ol-olool-o
Mark Fell: The Occultation of 3C
Coh: Beat to Wave
Phuture: Acid Tracks
Patricia: Bed Of Nails
Helm: I Exist In A Fog
Hold/MC: Area Sketch
Beatrice Dillon: Face A
Hold/MC: ID
Surgeon: Lash Lite
Heatsick: Snakes And Ladders
Benedict Drew: Promars
Tod Dockstader: Chuffa
Black Zone Myth Chant: Orbit Slut
Cats Eyes: Door No.3


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