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Sebastián Machado

To Sebastián Machado fashion and music are closely intertwined. We met up with the men’s stylist on his home turf of Vesterbro, for a chat about clothes and music – and to snap a few pictures too.

Sebastián is a men’s stylist and fashion editor based in Copenhagen. He started out in 2005, while only in his very early 20s, doing styling gigs for Cover magazine.

Today he works for a host of Danish and international brands and magazines – and is considered one of the go-to-guys when it comes to men’s fashion in Scandinavia.We met up with Sebastián on his home turf of

 Vesterbro to snap a few pics – and talk to him about clothes and music, the two things closest to his heart. 

“A lot of my work is influenced by sub-cultures – and the most fascinating sub-cultures are those with a duality, where you both have a look and a soundtrack that goes with it,” says Sebastián and goes on to point at British indie artist, 

King Krule as one of today’s icons, mixing modern heritage with hints of the mods and casuals culture. “What is really cool about music is the way it can create all these images in your head, images that can transport you far away,” says Sebastian while putting on his headphones, a pair of white BeoPlay H2 hooked up to his phone, volume set to max.

“To me fashion and music are closely intertwined,”


Born: Denmark
Current City: Copenhagen, Denmark
Occupation: Writer


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