How one of the world’s greatest cycling teams uses B&O PLAY to gain an edge.

Riding with Tinkoff Saxo

How one of the world’s greatest cycling teams uses B&O PLAY to gain an edge.


Words by Oscar Lashley
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A couple of years back we started noticing that lots of the professional cyclists were riding with Earset 3i earphones from B&O PLAY.

That obviously filled us with equal amounts of pride and excitement – because here were all these exceptional athletes competing under some of the hardest conditions you could ever imagine – and they were using our equipment.

High speeds, pouring rain, scorching sun, headwind and tailwind and rocky mountain roads and steep, treacherous valleys, all the time racing against the clock, competing against yourself, nature and the other riders, right there and then.


Pro cycling is pure thrill, danger, dedication, extremity and vanity.
— Alberto Contador

would work seamlessly with their radio systems and something that could handle the noise you’re experiencing when driving down a mountain at 100 kilometres per hour.

The customized Earset 3i’s that are worn by Team Tinkoff Saxo for this year’s Tour de France are the result of a close and extensive collaboration between the riders and technical staff of Tinkoff Saxo and the sound engineers and product designers from B&O PLAY.

Tweaking and optimizing for the challenges of both riders and sporting directors for whom clear communication can be the deciding factor when races are being determined. The process is on going – and we’re continually pushing ourselves to do even better.

We look forward to a great season on the roads – and if you too want a piece of the action try out a pair of Earset 3i.

How does all of that fit with B&O PLAY?

Well, we’re all about amplifying life – living life in the moment, pushing the boundaries and letting your passion fuel you.

When we first got in contact with Bjarne Riis, the legendary Danish rider who won the Tour de France in 1996 and who founded what is now known as Team Tinkoff-Saxo, it was obvious from the start that we shared the same passion for craftsmanship, the same attention to detail and the same excitement with what it is we are doing.

Tinkoff-Saxo were already using our Earset 3i’s in races, we knew that already because most of the staff here are glued to the screens each summer when the riders take on the mountains of the Giro d’Italia, Le Tour de France and the Vuelta a Espana. But Riis and his team wanted more than “just the regular Earset 3i” – they wanted an optimised version that


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