As one of the internet’s most celebrated fashion bloggers with her blog "The Blonde Salad", Chiara Ferragni knows a thing or two about style and she invited us in to take a look at Milan office.



Chiara Ferrigni

As one of the internet’s most celebrated fashion bloggers with her website The Blonde Salad, Chiara Ferragni knows a thing or two about style. We met her at her Milan workplace to find out what happens when the catwalk and a cutting-edge piece of technology from B&O PLAY come together.

Things like “Make Up,” the name given to the pair seen here next to the office’s permanent stack of fashion magazines, on top of which sits the recent cover feature Chiara did for Grazia Italy to help launch the line. Elsewhere we see subtle reminders of how far she has come in her short time as an online fashion ambassador: awards for her blog scattered over various surfaces; her self-penned debut book, The Blonde Salad, perched in the corner; a sheet of practice autographs clinging to the wall. All picked up in just a few whirlwind years.

In various shades of cream, grey and magnolia, Chiara’s office has an bright and harmonious feel that reflects the buoyant mood of her traveling entourage. The decor is clean and minimalist, with a few subtle flourishes dotted around the room like the large Roman bust on the floor or bouquets of flowers at the desks – all of which hint at the classic beauty of renaissance Italy. Ironic, given that the Chiara’s own taste in fashion is anything but classic. Need proof? Look no further than her eponymous new footwear range: a bold and unapologetic collision of all the things she loves about fashion… 


In amongst all that stands the office’s pride and joy, a BeoPlay A9, on three legs in the corner of the room. With so many people occupying the workspace at any one time there’s rarely a quiet moment, but the continual backdrop of music is an important part of the energy the team share and it feeds the pace of their working environment. Once in a while Chiara changes the fabric of the front cover to match the changing décor. That’s easy enough – the only real problem, they tell us, is deciding who gets to choose the music! 


 While everyone’s got an opinion one way or other, one member of the team who rarely gets a look-in is Matilda, Chiara’s adorable French bulldog. Still, she gets enough attention elsewhere, and we doubt those big ears can really appreciate the full effect the A9 creates in a room like this. For the rest of the office, however, that’s an entirely different matter… In just five short years, Chiara Ferragni has risen from a relative unknown to the top table of online fashion blogging. 

Her website, The Blonde Salad, receives millions of hits every month, and has earned praise from sources as diverse as Teen Vogue and New York Magazine. Since starting blogging in 2009, she has gone on to model for the likes of Guess, collaborated with Christian Dior and has launched her own line of footwear titled, simply, Chiara Ferragni. Fancy a BeoPlay A9 in your apartment? Get yours now here. This editorial was brought to you in collaboration with our friends from HIGHSNOBIETY.




Born: Cremona, Italy
Current City: Milan, Italy
Occupation: Blogger


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