Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are great. Unfortunately, far too often, they compromise sound quality. 

ANC for Music Lovers



At B&O PLAY we believe that sound comes first – that's why we design our ANC products for music lovers. Beoplay E4 is delicately tuned to strike the best balance between sound, noise and silence, letting you focus on all the details even in noisy environments – without having to crank up the volume and ruin the experience.

Why ANC? 
In an increasingly loud and hectic world, you need noise cancellation. With an urban commute – whether on the train or on foot – people are looking for compact headphones that they can throw in their bag and that allow them to focus in noisy surroundings.

Most noise cancelling headphones simply don’t sound as good as non-ANC headphones at the same price. B&O PLAY uniquely offers a noise cancelling product focused on sound aesthetics. A product that makes use of both materials and technology in creating a balanced experience.

What is passive noise isolation?
In its most basic form it’s the same as sticking your fingers in your ears. Like a good pair of shoes, you need to get the perfect fit to get the best possible noise isolation. Comply™ eartips are the best thing we’ve found for effective passive noise isolation.
They are made out of a super soft memory foam that ensures a perfect, stable fit, which is crucial for noise isolation. And the materials help seal and isolate outside noise. 
Comply™ ear tips are the best thing we’ve found for effective passive noise isolation. They are made out of a super soft memory foam that ensures a perfect, stable fit, which is crucial for noise isolation. And the materials help seal and isolate outside noise. Passive noise isolation blocks out many of the high frequencies. With Beoplay E4, you’ll find that even before you turn on the ANC, we’ve removed a significant amount of noise, simply by choosing the right materials.

What is active noise cancellation? 
Noise cancelling headphones use microphones to capture incoming sound and advanced signal processing creates inverse waves that cancel the intruding sound waves real-time. An easy way to illustrate this is if ambient noise is represented by “+2”, the headphones create and add “-2” so your ear hears zero. Low frequency noises like car and airplane engines are where noise cancelling headphones excel. Our aim from the very beginning was to stay loyal to the music, while cancelling as wide a range as possible.

What makes B&O PLAY sound different? 
Since 1925 Bang & Olufsen has been synonymous with the art of acoustic perfection. B&O PLAY’s Active Noise Cancellation embraces our core philosophy of creating products that reproduce the original sound material as authentically as possible.  

Balance is key
The aim is to achieve the perfect balance between sound, noise and silence. The Beoplay E4 does this through a unique collaboration of passive and active noise cancellation: the Comply™ ear tips offer exceptional noise isolation at high frequencies and the Active Noise Cancellation effectively drops the ambient noise. The resulting curve is parallel to the noise curve, which means we are turning down the highs and lows by the same amount across the spectrum. Essentially, we are just turning down the noise. Beoplay E4 drops ambient noise by approximately 20 dB (90%) which is the equivalent of the noise you would experience at ten times the distance from the noise in a free space.

Beoplay E4

Beoplay E4

Next Generation ANC

B&O PLAY is continually working to improve ANC performance to achieve maximum noise cancellation while remaining true to the music. Beoplay E4 features hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology, a more advanced technology than its predecessor H3 ANC.

Two microphones, one placed on the outside and one placed on the inside of the earphone, turn the surrounding noise around – effectively cancelling out unwanted elements across both higher and lower frequencies.

The main difference between our new Beoplay E4 in comparison to H3 ANC is better ANC performance at low frequencies. In lower frequencies, hybrid Noise Cancelling technology outperforms previous ANC technology by suppressing up to 15dB more sound


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