We stopped Marie in streets of Paris for a quick chat about fashion, music and how they connect.

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Meet Marie

We stopped Marie in streets of Paris for a quick chat about fashion, music and how they connect.

B&O PLAY: Who are you? And what do you do? 

Marie: My name is Marie, I'm a student in communication and cinema studies, for three years now. I have been working for different movie festivals, like the Festival de Cannes for several months. I also work as a mixolog in some bars and clubs, and sometimes I work in some of my friends stores within the fields of Design & Fashion. 

B&O PLAY: When you got time on your hands, what do you enjoy doing the most? 

Marie: I really love reading, but the thing I enjoy the most is going to movie theaters, twice a week most of the time. I also like to simply watch movies in my bed. I really love fashion, and precisely old (vintage) fashion. I’m really interested in the beginning of fashion, because of my mom and I love to read about that period. I also like to watch historical documentaries. And of course, in the same breath, I love to go shopping.

B&O PLAY: What are you wearing? 

My T-Shirt is from Harmony, the jeans are Cheap Monday, my vest is by french label A.P.C, my shoes are from Alexander Wang, my coat I found in a frippery (thrift shop) the waist bag are from the fabulous Andrea Crews.

B&O PLAY: What's your relationship with music, try to define it? 

Since I was a child I loved music, I always was listening to jazz music, and when I became a teenager I started to explore other genres. I stared to listen to some rap and R&N’b music, the best of the 90’s. I have also seen all the movies about music and dance. Three years ago my boyfriend started to work at the Parisien nightclub "Le Carmen" as a resident DJ, so I love to see him play and discover even more music through him. 

B&O PLAY: What is it about music and fashion that connect's so well you think?

Music has always influenced fashion and the other way round. We see that  in fashion advertising, like the campaign Saint Laurent did with Daft Punk. I think Music play's a key role in any designers creative process, it's a sonic way to express your emotions.

B&O PLAY: Where should we hang out in Paris?

Marie: Sesto Senso «Chez Gabriella» it's a typical italian restaurant, it's located on 4 Rue de l’Echiquier, 75010 Paris.If you're going for drinks you should check out, L’Embuscade on 47 Rue de la Rochefoucauld, 75009 Paris. And if you're visiting in the summer you should go to Les Petites Gouts it's a Restaurant with a very nice bar, located on 12 Esplanade Nathalie Sarraute, 75018 Paris.

B&O PLAY: What's your favorite clothing brands?

Marie: Jacquemus, Harmony, A Bathing Ape (Bape). These are three really different brands, but I love them all! I love Jacquemus since the beginning of the brand, I love it's innovative approach, and the new materials the brand uses, it’s really beautiful. Harmony, is a very simple brand, and actually very easy to match with what I have in my closet in general I’m wearing  pants or a skirt with a Harmony t-shirt, and A Bathing Ape (Bape), because I really love what they are doing, mostly their shoes, every shoe they put out are just cool. 

And if you want to go shopping you should check out these stores, Broken Arm, because there you can find different collections, from different brandsl. it's a beautiful store and just next to the store, they have also a tiny and very good restaurant. Etudes Studio, is also a beautiful store, and I love what they are doing, they use very beautiful colors, and they create very cool hats! Then there is The Green Factory, it’s a very cute store in Paris. It’s a florist, but not like a regular one, it’s different, go check it out. 



Born: Paris
Current City: Paris
Occupation:  Student


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