Street style

Kim Matulova

Kim Matulova of Black Scale shows off her impeccable street style with a touch of H6 Captured in front of New York’s iconic Manhattan Bridge.

Kim is seen here in a smattering of garments that range from pieces of her own creation to pieces she’s thrifted along the way. Kim Matulova began her career as a model and actress before moving into the design aspect of jewellery and fashion. She is now the Women’s Designer of street wear imprint Black Scale. 



Photography by Thomas Wel
Words by Brock Cardiner, HighSnobiety

As the designer for Black Scale Women’s, Kim wears a dress she designed for the line’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, a piece that allows her to base her outfit around. As versatile as can be, the dress can be worn tied up at the hip or hung loose at the bottom and was made to be an effortless casual to dressy look. 

The vintage wide-brimmed hat seen is part of a personal line she does of custom gold jewellery and hats. Given a touch of individuality, the cap comes detailed with a raccoon tail from the  

local Native American reservation in her hometown, a seagull feather from her hometown’s beach and an eye to ward off evil. Switching it up a bit, although integrating seamlessly, is a Black Scale that reads, “Most Wanted.” A simple but strong addition to her unique look.

The shoes and bag come courtesy of superstar designer Alexander Wang, while the leather motto jacket with silk trench coat cuff details and matte black studs is designed by Phillip Lim. Complementing the clothing is a silver and turquoise Native American cuff from the Fred Harvey era. Very rare and special to her, Kim found it with her mom at a local thrift store for only $5. 


Topping off the outfit is a pair BeoPlay H6 headphones. Although she was on the fence about grabbing a black or natural leather pair, she ultimately decided on the latter, a decision she is still glad she made as it reflects her personality perfectly and goes with the many different facets of her personal style – from high-end pieces to vintage hippie stuff and street skater style, adding a refined contrast to everything. 



Born: Sag Harbour, New York
Current City: New York, New York
Occupation: Designer


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