Get a look at the bespoke collection of fine leather and felt goods from Hard Graft that will keep your headphones safe from harm.

The Perfect Match

A bespoke collection of fine leather and felt goods from Hard Graft that will keep your headphones safe from harm.


Since its inception in 2007 Hard Graft has been making fine leather and felt goods of the utmost quality with a great attention to detail and a sharp eye for multi-functionality and usability.

We have asked the UK-based company behind the brand to come up with a bespoke collection of items that will keep your B&O PLAY headphones safe from the harm of every day use – and good ol’ wear and tear and clumsiness.

Ever since Hard Graft started it has been designing and creating carry solutions for tech gadgets and bags for daily commutes. Designing headphone and earphone cases was right up their alley:

“We love to take a beautifully designed object, involve some leather and wool and turn this precious product into something more, “ says James of Hard Graft and continues: “by adding extra functionality and a cheeky personality to the product that it protects.”



You’re on the way out of the door – going about your everyday business.

You’re reaching for your gear on the kitchen table: Keys, sunglasses, smartphone, shoulder bag – and your BeoPlay H3 in-ears, peering out from the safety of the POINT

We catch a glimpse of you in the traffic.

You’re on your bike, H3s firmly planted in your ears, the music setting the mood of the day. You’re in the sun, walking the streets, taking in the city as you talk to your loved one, on the phone thru your H3s.

You’re on your board, grinding, sliding and skating your way to work – and yes – letting the sweet sounds from the ear buds power you forward.


The POINT is dangling on the cord of your headphones, still attached, as it should be. The perfect companion on your everyday commute.

You’re at your desk at work, doing your stuff in front of the screen.

You’re at the counter, brewing a mean cortado to your customers.

You’re at the building site, looking at an empty lot and all the sketches of the house about to built there.

The POINT is next to you, comfortably guarding your BeoPlay H3 until they’re needed for a bit of music or phone calls.

Day comes to an end. Reverse routine as you head home. New day. Same routine. POINT and H3 at hand.



You’re in front of your door.

You’re shuffling through your stuff. Everything inside your pocket or bag is a mess. You know the feeling, right? Keys and phone all tangled up with headphone wires and clothes and other titbits.

Enter PINCH – a smart and elegant cable tidy and hanging loop for your Form 2i or BeoPlay H6 headphones. Brought to you by Hard Graft as a bespoke B&O PLAY accessory.

With PINCH you can eliminate the hassle of unknotting headphone cables. It’s as easy as roll, roll, roll – and then a quick snap of the double metal closure to fasten the cord. After that it’s just a question of where to hang your headphone from the safety of the cotton drawstring loop?

Keys on the peg, jacket on the hanger, shoes off and mobile phone switched over to flight mode.

Headphones entwined with PINCH, easily accessible by the door, waiting patiently for the next day ahead.




You’re going somewhere. Destination unknown.

You’re packing the essentials in your weekend bag; your passport, a tablet computer, the notebook you use to jot down ideas and random thoughts, a couple of white t-shirts and a pair of sunglasses too, and obviously a pair of BeoPlay H6 headphones, casually placed halfway inside the PEAK from Hard Graft just sitting there ready to play out the soundtrack of the travel you’re about to embark upon.

You’ve packed;
bag in hand – on the way out the door.

You’re on the plane, relaxed, you get out the PEAK to get to your H6s. The passive noise-cancellation of the headphones keeps out the hustle, bustle and noise of the plane. Your soundtrack starts playing – and you doze off.

You’ve arrived.

You’re at your room unpacking, your essentials are scattered all over the place, ready to be used. Everything except for your headphones – they’re placed on the desk, elegantly resting on top of the PEAK. On display and easily at hand for you to enjoy.


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