The Argentinian designer gives us a tour around his Milan apartment and tells us about his furnishing philosophy.


Marcelo Burlon

The Argentinian designer gives us a tour around his Milan apartment and tells us about his furnishing philosophy.


We visited Marcelo Burlon at his Milan apartment to learn more about the Argentinean creative. Featuring rare goods from all over the world, a form-fitting piece of audio equipment from B&O PLAY rounds out Burlon’s signature aesthetic. With one focused on fashion and the other on audio, both take classic design elements and infuse them with the aesthetics of today.


Situated on the top floor of a Milanese apartment building, Burlon’s home is a direct extension of his knack for design. The space is done in an almost entirely monochromatic fashion, furnished with unique pieces from some of his favorite brands and designers, many of whom he’s worked with over the years. More importantly, however, are the keepsakes he’s collected over the years which remind him of Patagonia, Argentina, his hometown.

Carefully crafted wooden sculptures line Burlon’s jet black shelves; colorful butterflies stand alongside decidedly contemporary designs; Patagonian-patterned pillows and blankets contrast sharply against original works by artists like Max Snow, Ari Marcopoulos and Craig Redman. Blending in seamlessly are exotic pieces he’s collected over years of traveling.

With a love for all things cultural, music factors heavily into Burlon’s life and surroundings. An invitation to Vice‘s Christmas Party starring Pusha T, whom Burlon worked with on a collaborative collection, stands ahead of original photography books from decades past. As a DJ himself, sound is of utmost importance to him. Thus, it’s no wonder Burlon counts the BeoPlay A9 – in black of course – among his curated collection of home furnishings. The all-in-one music system integrates into Burlon’s apartment so effortlessly, it seems as if it were designed with him and his home in mind. Burlon relies on it, too, as he’s often called upon to create the soundtrack for some of Milan’s most iconic fashion houses such as Prada and Missoni.

With such a deeply rooted connection to Milan’s cultural scene it’s no surprise his debut clothing line, Marcelo Burlon: County of Milan, went on to achieve great success quickly. The clothing’s Italian heritage combined with designs reminiscent of Patagonia and the wonders of nature perfectly express Burlon’s philosophy towards life. The striking designs, complemented by the animal kingdom’s unrivaled coloring and patterning, successfully merge the worlds of human creation and the changes brought about by years of evolution and adaptation – much like Burlon and B&O PLAY lend their unique aesthetic to the qualities inherent in good design.



Born: Patagonia, Argentina
Current city: Milan, Italy
Occupation: Fashion designer


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