How Casley-Hayford are redefining and rejuvenating classical British menswear with an infusion of raw London energy and rebellion.

Classicism with a Touch of Anarchy

How Casley-Hayford are redefining and rejuvenating classical British menswear with an infusion of raw London energy and rebellion.


Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford are the father-son design duo behind the clothing brand that bears their family name. Their infectious, cheeky and elegant take on the heralded sartorial tradition of Great Britain has catapulted them into the limelight of the entire fashion industry.

Clients from all over the world are flying into their Shoreditch studio for bespoke personal tailoring – and prestigious shops like Dover Street Market, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales and Barneys are selling their impeccable and street smart clothes to an international audience they themselves characterise as gentlemen on the go.

“We’re at the crossing point of traditional English sartorial style and anarchy from a stylistic perspective. Our inspiration comes from contemporary music and the different subcultures around us here in London,” says Joe Casely-Hayford, OBE, father of Charlie and a real London menswear legend who started his career dressing The Clash and U2 – and more recently served as Creative Director of Gieves & Hawkes, the 200-year-old Savile Row icon.


“The Whisper is louder than the Shout!”
— Casley-Hayford

“We’re very fortunate to be London-based. We draw so much from the multiculturalism, the city and our
neighbourhood because it gives you so many different aspects on life.”

Charlie, who’s the son of Joe, practically grew up in his father’s studio, learning the tricks of the trade from an early age before going on to study at the esteemed Saint Martin’s – like his mom and dad before him. After the studies it was straight into the world of fashion where he’s styled everyone from The XX to Nas – and the list of
celebrities haven’t grown smaller since the inception of Casely-Hayford in 2009. The brand already has an international cult following of movie stars, musicians and athletes – something evident at the celeb-packed front rows of their first fashion show held at the London Fashion Week in January 2014.

“The ideas go back and forth between us,” says Charlie on working with his father “and we distil them until they get to the point of purity. But, mostly our working and design process is like a conversation between father and son, where we discuss the way we each see the vibrant area and culture we live and work in.”

“We pay great attention to detailing in our clothes; even though lots of the details aren’t necessarily immediately visible,” says Joe quietly and sums up his point, “because the inside is as important as the outside to us.”

“Growing my dad always told me: The whisper is louder than the shout,” says Charlie while smiling to Joe, “and it’s something that’s always stuck with me – and something that I associate with “the Casely-Hayford man” who’s someone who’d walk into a room and be noticed by everybody without having to shout.”

All photography by Casper Sejersen


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