We stopped Musician Yanis in a park in Paris for a quick chat about fashion, music and how they connect.

Meet Yanis

We stopped Musician Yanis in a park in Paris for a quick chat about fashion, music and how they connect.



B&O PLAY: Who are you? And what do you do?
Yanis: My name is Yanis and I am a musician. I compose songs and I build visual univers around them.

B&O PLAY: When you got time on your hands, what do you enjoy doing the most? 
Yanis: I love to create because it is such a great feeling to build dreams and ideas and to see them grow. I love all the steps involved in a creative process.

B&O PLAY: What are you wearing? 
Yanis: I’m wearing a black shirt from Weekday and this green pullover as a tribute to autumn it is from American Apparel. I love this colour at this time of the year, best way to match nature. My jacket and my trouser are from COS I love this navy blue, the shoes are by AMI.

B&O PLAY: What's your relationship with music, try to define it? 
Music is so important to me I’ve always been connected to it in such a powerful way from a very young age. It’s a passion and i’m really glad it is also my work, It’s a never ending language it is so essential.

B&O PLAY: Favorite hang out spots in Paris?

I love “Le palais de tokyo” is it such a great place to discover art and I love the space it is very concrete and minimal but you also have a great view of the eiffel tower, I love this contrast.
My second one would be Saint Martin’s canal it is really beautiful every seasons has a different vibe but it is always sweet and full of life I just love to walk around there and to go eat at “Le cambodge”. The third one I would chose the vintage market in St Ouen because it is so nice to hang out there and always full of surprise. 

B&O PLAY: What's your three favorite brands? 

Yanis: I love SWEN (www.sw-en.com) it is a menswear label by two friends of mine they are full of talent. Their clothes are very inspiring. It is nice to see them grow on their own it is well deserve. The second is called AVOC they made clothes but they also do art direction it is made by two architects and you can feel it in the way they design clothes very interesting.  The last one would be Dr Martens because I can’t survive this life without a pair of Dr Martens I’ve adopted them from a very young age a classic for me.

B&O PLAY: What's your three favorite stores in Paris.

Yanis: “Merci” is a great concept store they have an amazing selection and the space is very nice to hang out you can even have a drink or eat there. AMI because I love this brand. Etudes Studio the shop is very new and beautiful this fashion brand is at the image of the new generation of creative from France.

B&O PLAY: What is it about music and fashion that connect's so well?
Yanis: Fashion is also a langage just like music and both of them are about expressing your self. Fashion is also so close to music because of performance it can be the extension of it. I’m a big fan of David Bowie and he is a genius in using the power of those two languages.

 Listen to Yanis's Playlist below.


Born: Paris
Current City: Paris
Occupation:  Musician


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