When it comes to lifestyle cycling and the fashion associated with it, no one tops Rapha. B&O PLAY has teamed up with the cool Brits to create a Rapha-infused version of a BeoPlay product.


In the Zone with Rapha

When it comes to lifestyle cycling and the fashion associated with it, no one tops Rapha. B&O PLAY has teamed up with the cool Brits to provide bike aficionados with the ultimate accessory: a Rapha-infused version of the acclaimed BeoPlay H6 over-ear headphones.


The road racers don’t just race on the roads, they live on them, transferring between stages, training camps and races, often thousands of miles apart. 

These busy “roadies” need some kind of sanctuary, wherever and whenever they can find it. Sound is the perfect sanctuary, whether it allows you to curl up and doze off to a gentle concerto on the back seat of the tour bus, or whether it gets you fired up and in the zone before a race. 

The right sound at the right moment takes you wherever you want to go, emotionally.  BeoPlay H6 with Rapha is an exciting special edition, delicately

crafted for cyclists (and all other athletes). Just plug in, press play and get in the right mood! 

Like the tempo of a Mozart overture or the drone of Kraftwerks’s machine–music, bike racing has its own distinctive sound. It’s a sport of constant movement, an audio–visual circus – the noise of the crowds, the whirring of the wheels and chains, the fast–paced breaths of the riders, the crackle of the team car radio, the sound of the TV helicopter overhead, and the whoosh of the bunch as it flies past. The race moves across the landscape, up, over, down and up again, seemingly forever, like an infinite sound wave.



Robust but elegant over-ear headphones with an ergonomic design that adjusts to fit with ease and comfort. Featuring a well-balanced acoustic performance with a precise staging that will reveal all the beautiful details offered by your music. 

The earpads on BeoPlay H6 with Rapha are made from the same African hair sheep leather used on the Rapha GT Gloves. This leather is extremely soft and supple; it is supremely resilient and ages well. The leather is treated to prevent erosion from sweat and salts.

The inner headband uses a fabric found in Rapha’s Pro Team products, and it’s a material that can easily cope with the levels of sweat produced during high-intensity turbo sessions. 

The durable audio jack cord and inner pad mesh are finished in signature Rapha pink for a distinctive look.

you ride.


Get the full and rich audio–visual Rapha X B&O PLAY experience online.


Rapha is a critically acclaimed lifestyle cycling brand with an almost cult-like following. Thousands upon thousands of pro and leisure riders follow and buy into Rapha's universe, which is characterised by coolness and authenticity.


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