You know that feeling when something just gets better and better over time?

It’s that sort of feeling you get with BeoPlay V1 – a TV that is so much more than just television shows and movies. It’s a product that keeps evolving – with software updates that give you more and more options and experiences as time passes.

It’s a TV invented and designed to give you magical experiences – it’s as simple as that. One thing is the great picture quality and the simple ease of use – another thing is the forceful set of speakers inside the cabinet. The average TV on the market has an output of 20 Watts while BeoPlay V1 packs a hefty 96 Watts – yup, almost 5 times the industry standards. The in-house joke around B&O PLAY HQ is that it’s a speaker you can watch movies and shows on.

And, with the magnitude of the speakers in mind, we’re mighty proud to announce an update to BeoPlay V1 that makes it even better: Direct access to Spotify.


It’s quite simple actually

– and terribly cool too – all you do is press the CD button on the Beo4 remote or choose Spotify* from your source list. Do that, and Spotify automatically pops up with its recognizable user interface and millions of songs ready to blast out of the BeoPlay V1. With an unparalleled power too, that is!

If you already own BeoPlay V1 just update the TV software and the feature will be added instantly.

And you can go to the source list in the TV setup menu if you want to change buttons on the remote.

One thing to remember though: you have to have a Spotify Premium account to get the direct access on your BeoPlay V1.

Experience BeoPlay V1

*Please note that the Spotify functionality requires that the Smart TV upgrade is installed on your V1. This upgrade has been on shipping V1s since 31/10-2012. If the upgrade is installed, there will be a source called “WEBMEDIA” in your source list. If you do not have it installed, please contact your Bang & Olufsen store to get a code.